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Practicing tablet-DO NOT FAVE by SuperKoopaTroopa Practicing tablet-DO NOT FAVE by SuperKoopaTroopa
First try with tablet drawing. It sucks, I know.

For the most part, I'm getting the hang of it, it's just my friggin' hand is too shakey. I tried to cover most of it up but there's crappy lines abound.

Since the main point was doing the lineart, I haven't done a background or shading. Why? Well I should get the hang of actually drawing before I screw anything else up.

However, to any tablet users who want to be helpful; How do you manage to disguise the shakeyness of the lines? Or better yet, stop it from being shakey in the first place? Is it just repetion that's needed?
Thelittlefairy95 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
Nice!!! This is a female Bart, I guess?
SuperKoopaTroopa Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2011
Pretty much.
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