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June 14, 2009
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Terri Growth chart. by SuperKoopaTroopa Terri Growth chart. by SuperKoopaTroopa
Growth charts! This was a lot of fun to do! I thought I'd start with Terri first since I knew exactly what I wanted here.

I think Adult Terri's shoes don't look very good. Although there are some facial changes it's entirely intentional. It's also woth pointing out that other than pink, green is her main clothing colour whille Sherri's is red. It's a Mario Bros referance since they're considered twins by many.:)
Some individual notes on each stage;

Baby: She's the difficult one of the two here, she's into everything and has a habit of eating anything that looks even slightly edible in sight including pacifiers, plastic bottles and even clothes that are left on the floor.:lol: She lived at Murderhorn Temple with both parents for the first year.

Toddler: In terms of behavior, she hasn't improved, in kindergarden she bawls if Sherri isn't nearby and she even once chewed off part of her dad's bed somehow, said part stayed in her stomach for a month.

Child: She's made a massive improvement now. She's easily scared or excited but she's good around most adults and can actually tell what counts as food and what doesn't. She still doesn't like to be away from Sherri.

Tweener: At this point both siblings are experimenting with their hair and Terri got a pair of nifty boots too! She and Sherri began development earlier that the other girls. I think I made the overbit too long, it's still meant to be in line with her eye.

Teen: Don't let her appearance fool you, she's wearing a girdle. She's got some really cool clothes though. She's finally dating Bart throughout these years. Still exictable and a scardy cat but she's a bit more independant from her sister even if they're still almost always together

Adult: She's Terri Simpson now. Just love that scarf she's got (Sherri has a red one). She's fully independant from her twin but they live in the same house along with Bart. Bart and Terri do manage to have kids but I haven't thought about anything about the kids... Actually, I'm willing to do a design character trade if anyone's interested.

She isn't much of a wuss anymore and she finally lost that gut, her appetite remains unchanged though.:) She's become even lazier however, she spends most of her free time at home lying in the hammock.:D

Any comments welcome, except flames obviously.
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Diesel292 Mar 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
what a growth chart
You´ve done her really great :D
Cool! I like this... you give to her a nice personality...:)
could u please do a lisa oneeee :)
I wish I had the time to. College is a cruel mistress...
Will you be doing a Bart chart? I would love to see your take on him as a teen and adult.

Maybe a piccie of them together as teens? (hint,hint) :)
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